Violin masters Sibelius & Tchaikovsky

Violin masters Sibelius & Tchaikovsky knew how to write melodies for violin. People just love them. Besides concertos S & T composed a lot of virtuoso and romantic pieces for this great acoustical instrument. By the way - the Jean Sibelius Violin Concerto is the most recorded of all violin concertos. The man himself was a violinist, but could not strech out his bow arm 100% because of an accident. But he got his revenge: The concerto has all possible difficulties. This is why performers love it.

Sibelius meets Tchaikovsky concerts January 1.-9. 2015 every day at 12 in National Hall, Kansallissali Helsinki include both composers favorite violin pieces. Natalia Vaskinova, violin, and Milla von Weissenberg, piano, play Meditation and Scherzo by Tchaikovsky. The Sibelius pieces are Romance and Valse Triste. Besides that Natalia performs the Tchaikovsky Lensky aria and Milla Sibelius Finlandia.

Of Valse Triste: I had the pleasure to work with the famous Russian violin player and conductor, professor Igor Bezrodny. He told me of a meetig with Jean Sibelius in Ainola 1955. One issue was Valste Triste. After professor Bezrodny Sibelius confessed, between the cognacs, that the Valse Tristen was also his favorite of all music pieces he had created (!)

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