Sibelius, Shakespeare, Loppiainen and the 12th Night

Twelfth Night or Loppainen in Finnish is a festival, in some branches of Christianity marking the coming of the Epiphany. Different traditions mark the date of Twelfth Night on either 5 January or 6 January; the Church of England, Mother Church of theAnglican Communion, celebrates Twelfth Night on the 5th and "refers to the night before Epiphany, the day when the nativity story tells us that the wise men visited the infant Jesus".

Op. 60 Trettondagsafton (The Twelfth Night)
Two songs accompanied by guitar or piano for Shakespeare's The Twelfth Night ( Swedish translation by Carl August Hagberg): 1. Kom nu hit, död (Come Away, Death!), 2. No. 2 Hållilå,uti storm och i regn (Hey, Ho, The Wind And The Rain). Completed in 1909; first performance at the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki on 12th November 1909 (conducted by Jean Sibelius). Arrangement for voice, harp and strings of part 1 in 1957; first performance on 14th June 1957 in Helsinki (Kim Borg, the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra under Jussi Jalas).

On the video you can listen Jukka Pietilä perform "Kom nu hit, död!" - "Saavuthan Yö" “Come away, come away, death” - from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night at Turku Cthedral in Finland 2015.

Song: “Come away, come away, death” 


(from Twelfth Night)

Come away, come away, death,
    And in sad cypress let me be laid.
Fly away, fly away, breath;
    I am slain by a fair cruel maid.
My shroud of white, stuck all with yew,
             O, prepare it!
My part of death, no one so true
         Did share it.

Not a flower, not a flower sweet,
    On my black coffin let there be strown.
Not a friend, not a friend greet
    My poor corpse, where my bones shall be thrown.
A thousand thousand sighs to save,
             Lay me, O, where
Sad true lover never find my grave,
             To weep there!

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