It´s time for Juletide. Jean Sibelius wrote five Xmas songs.

The songs were composed during 30 years. He though collected them as Op 1 into his catalogue. Seems to be Jean was a Xmas man.

One of the most popular is En Etsi valtaa, loistoa,  I seek no gold or majesty lyrics by Topelius. Topelius-Sibelius, nice.

Performance by the vocal ensemble Rajaton with Spanish subtitles:


In English:

The following verse translation is by Ida Kaskinen (1924),
revised by Alexandra Glynn 2008, used with the latter's permission.

1. I seek no gold or majesty,
no pearl or shining gem,
but Lord above, I pray to Thee
for peace on earth to men.
O Lord divine, my heart is Thine!
Oh, let my thoughts to Thee incline!
I seek no pearl or shining gem
but peace on earth to men.

2. Among the children, in our home,
give blessed harmony.
The light that on the shepherds shone,
oh, let it shine on me!
O word of light, O truth and might,
oh, shed thy blessing glad and bright.
O word of grace and pardon free:
give peace and harmony.

3. Let Christmas come to rich and poor,
its brilliant light unfold
and with the wealth of God allure
to heaven's streets of gold.
I long for Thee, I wait for Thee,
O Lord, I need Thy charity!
May rich and poor alike abide
in peace at Christmastide.


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