Jean Sibelius and Trivial Pursuit of the Winter War

Jean Sibelius defended his country in many ways. When the Stalin troops attacked Finland 75 years ago broke out the so called Winter War. Finland was alone in this David and Goliat battle - and survived. The so called 100 days war or Winter War is a legend.

How did Jean Sibelius participate in the Winter War, that broke out on November 30th 1939, 75 years ago?

I have asked this question several times from Sibelius experts in Finland and abroad. I got some answers like: "Gave money", "Gave shelter", "Wrote messages" and so on.

Fortunately the question and the correct answer can be found in the Finnish Trivial Pursuit. The Trivial Pursuit game knows it:" By shooting the enemy aeroplanes with a hunting rifle from his home Ainola  (picture) yard." (sic!)

I just hope he could recognize them from our own (not so many) planes.

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