Finland and the Finns

Finland and the Finns

 Is Finland a part of Scandinavia? Yes and no. Geographically, the Scandinavian Peninsula includes Sweden and Norway and only northwestern part of Finland. Our language does not belong to the Nordic language group. But what is the most important - culturally Finland is a Scandinavian country together with Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. Take a look at our flags: they all have a cross.

 It is safe to walk on Finnish soil. The bedrock was formed 2800-2700 million years ago, and the rock is up to 65 kilometers deep. In addition to the stone, another important element is water, there is enough of this sweet liquid in our 300 000 lakes.  The definition of a lake: one square kilometers of water area, others are called ponds. The lake water is clean and drinkable at our summer cottage in Koirakivi (Houndstone). Nearly every Finn has his cottage by some lake.

 Our culture and poetry is age-old, although the state is young, founded in 1917. Ancient sagas tell of people who used poetry as their weapon. Smoking guns did not sit well in the hands of our forefathers, and they were only used in a dire need. The power of a small nation lies in its culture.

 We can live well in the Northern altitudes because the Atlantic Gulf Stream warms up our land. The entire Nordic special civilizations get their existence for year-round living from the sea stream.

 We live a long life, and the children born in this millennium are expected to live to the ripe age of 100. Do we ever get bored during our long lives? Perhaps, but culture and extreme hobbies keep us on our toes: from a hundred degrees Celsius skin burning sauna we jump into -30 degrees Celsius snow to take baths – and we enjoy it! Our northern lights shimmer in the pitch black winter sky while the bright sun never goes down in the heat of our summer nights.

 Mr. Vesa Ruotonen

Sibelius Finland Experience Producer

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