FIN namedays and birthdates

In Finland we have a calendar for names. Not at all countries have it. In Juletid the "good" Tuomas (Thomas) brings Christmas on Dec 21. On Jan 13 the "bad" Nuutti takes it away. In Scandinavia this means: stop beer drinking.

There are only two days in calendar with no names at all. These are Dec 25 and Jan 1.

Jean Sibelius has his Janne (John) nameday during the Midsommer on June 24.

It is easy to know the persons day: just have a look to calendar and send him/her congratulations. An other story is, that in Finnish language there is no male/female expression for him/her. All are just hän, neutral. And you ask: "How do Finns know, if the person is a he or she?" Well, we just know.

Also birhdates mean a lot. Sibelius150 (born 1865) meets Tchaikovsky 175 (born 1840).

Champagne toast for the meeting men:

"Hölkyn kölkyn" Jean Sibelius 150 - "Na starovje" Pyotr Tchaikovsky 175.


In picture by Kimmo Brandt we show the Tuomas Xmas Market in Helsinki.

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