Dec 8th The Sibelius Brand Day

Dec 8th is The Sibelius Brand Day, his birthday.  It is an official flag day and the Day of Finnish Music. Very branded - but let us hear the truth of the man from his doughters mounths.

Jean Sibelius was and is a self and FIN State branded man. He was very, very concerned about his image and reputation. A real diva, one could say. But even the biggest diva melts, when his own  small children jump on the morning on papa´s stomach.

Eva: "When we children were small, we felt that Ainola, our home, was a ship which was sailing alone on the open sea: nothing was secure outside it. Nobody could be sure that there would be money coming in: father had no job, so there was no payday either; nobody could be sure whether Vecsey would give a good performance of father's violin concerto in Berlin, or whether Henry Wood would include the fourth symphony in his repertoire in England, since everybody considered it so difficult and chaotic, although it was quite clear to us, so long as it was played clearly."

Ruth:"Our parents participated in our activities a great deal. I remember that I sometimes wondered how these old people could be so energetic, but of course they were not at all as old as they seemed to me – me being so very young."

Katarina: "When father was at home, he filled the whole house. There was somehow a very safe and pleasant atmosphere. When he was away, we children were more free, we could play and sing.

Margareta: "Father's work also restricted our family life. All of us daughters studied music - the piano - and I also studied the violin and the viola, but we were never allowed to practise when papa was present.

Heidi: "But papa and mama were sweet and gave a lot of time to me, when I think about it afterwards. I think that as the youngest child I was spoiled in a way that my elder sisters perhaps were not."


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