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Helsinki New Year = Finlandia

European cities have own brand melodies. Helsinki has Finlandia. Others have?
    The Statues Pohjola's figures the Evil witch Louhi from the Finnish national epic Kalevala left side of the entry English translation by Keith Bosley. Finland, behold, th…

Jean Sibelius International

Jean Sibelius International Airport will be opened in Helsinki Finland?
Jean Sibelius railway station opened on July 1st. The name is Ainola. It is very near to his original home museum Ainola named after the wife Aino Sibelius. In NYC is JFK. In…

390 000 Cruise passengers and 100 nations

390 000 Cruise passengers and 100 nations "#VisitHelsinki and #StopOverFi #Sibelius #Finland Experience.
390 000 Cruise passengers and 100 nations visit Helsinki and StopOverFi Sibelius Finland Experience.  Premiere on Monday 8th of June at 12:00 and until 9th of Aug every day, He…

Back to Kamp singing

"Minä Menen Kämpiin takaisin ja takaisin"... In till Kämp igen. Back to Kamp Hotel Restaurant. Wieder zu Hotel Gasthaus Kämp.
Kuningas Kristian II sarjan klarinetit visertävät Musettessa iloisesti: "Minä menen Kämpiin takaisin, ja minä menen Kämpiin takaisin ja minä menen Kämpiin takaisin ja takaisin." K…

Viulumestarit Sibelius & Tshaikovski

Viulumestarit Sibelius & Tshaikovski saavat instrumentin kyynelehtimään
Viulumestarit Sibelius & Tshaikovski saavat instrumentin kyynelehtimään. Molemmilla on konsertot ja lukuisia pienempiä melodioita. Sibelius oli itse viulisti. Hän loukkasi jousikä…

11/11/1914 and Jean Sibelius

World War I broke out 11/11/1914. Jean Sibelius was unable to conduct his music abroad and overseas.
11/11/1914, today a hundred years ago World War I broke out. Painting Hugo Simberg: Death. Jean Sibelius came just back from a great tour in America the fall 1914 as the Great…

Sibelius meets Tchaikovsky

We celebrate Sibelius 150 and Tchaikovsky 175 Anniversaries! Delicate music & delicate food in Helsinki Kampgroup Kansallissali from 1st to 9th of January 2015.
Welcome from January 1st to 9th, 2015 everyday at12 hours to Kansallissali, National Hall, Helsinki! The address in the very city centre is Aleksanterinkatu 44. We play best pi…


Sibelius Finland Experience

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