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Helsinki Card

Discover and experience the City of Helsinki by using one card only! Where to pick up the Helsinki Card? Helsingin koko kaupungin voi saada yhdellä kortilla. Mistä sellaisen kortin saa?
Buy Tickets Online Osta Liput Online Helsinki Kortti Strömma on SIBELIUS Finland Experience sopimuskumppani. Sibelius kuuluu yhtiön top ten tuotteisiin. Sillä saatte mukavan alen…

Introducing Producer Vesa Ruotonen

Host and producer of SFE
Buy Tickets Online Group Request form   Osta liput Online Introducing producer and the host of Sibelius Finland Experience, Mr. Vesa Ruotonen. Vera Ruotonen was born 1…

A peek into Sibelius' Finland

Known for his set of seven symphonies and compositions such as Finlandia, the Karelia Suite and Valse Triste, Jean Sibelius was and still is the most respected and best known Finnish composer of all time.
Buy Tickets Online Osta liput Online Tweets by @StopOverFi !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?'http':'https';if(!d.getElement…

Sibelius Day

Read where Sibelius visited today. Täällä Sibelius vieraili tänään.
Buy Tickets Online Group Request form   Osta liput Online    Sibelius Finland Experience performed today in three cities: Helsinki, Tuusula and Lahti We had visitors…

Culinary Experience Finland

A one hour culinary experience in the heart of Helsinki.
Ever wondered what some of the traditional foods in Finland are? During this one hour program, you will get a guided tour from the chef in what foods are eaten in Finland and a bi…

Three Market Halls you don't want to miss while visiting Helsinki

Three market halls in the heart of Helsinki where you can eat and buy fresh local Finnish cuisine.
  Locations of the market places in Helsinki.   During the end of the 19th century, groceries were mainly sold in outdoor markets around the city center. Food hygiene…

The Sibelius Monument

(Finnish: Sibelius-monumentti) is dedicated to the Finnishcomposer Jean Sibelius (1865–1957). The monument is located at the Sibelius Park (Finnish: Sibeliuspuisto) in the district of Töölö in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland.
Buy Tickets Online Group Request form              #Sibelius #Monument is dedicated to the Finnish National Composer #StopOverFi #Sibelius150 p…

Sibelius Finland Experience CDs were sold out today!

The producer had to ask peoples addresses to send them after. "This will NEVER happen again" says producer mr Vesa. "I am so sorry" he continued with a paleface.
CDs were sold out today - Sibelius Finland Experience Finland CD on/oli tilapäisesti loppu! Due to high demand the first unit of Sibelius Experience Finland CD that is part of …


Sibelius Finland Experience

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