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Helsinki Card

Discover and experience the City of Helsinki by using one card only! Where to pick up the Helsinki Card? Helsingin koko kaupungin voi saada yhdellä kortilla. Mistä sellaisen kortin saa?
Buy Tickets Online Osta Liput Online Helsinki Kortti Strömma on SIBELIUS Finland Experience sopimuskumppani. Sibelius kuuluu yhtiön top ten tuotteisiin. Sillä saatte mukavan alen…

Introducing Producer Vesa Ruotonen

Host and producer of SFE
Buy Tickets Online Group Request form   Osta liput Online Introducing producer and the host of Sibelius Finland Experience, Mr. Vesa Ruotonen. Vera Ruotonen was born 1…

Sibelius 150 Anniversary News

Jean Sibelius finally has an own pastry with traditional Finnish flavours.
In honor of Jean Sibelius and to celebrate his 150 anniversary, the leading finnish Chef Patissier, Juha Rissanen has developed an Sibelius Finland Experience pastry to honor Jean…

Laura Schwartz & VIP´s visited SFE

International guests visit Sibelius Finland Experience in the Helsinnki Music Centre
Buy Tickets Online        Osta liput Online Group Request form           (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElement…

Sibelius Goes West

Sibelius Finland Experience Private concert "Sibelius Goes West" had a good response among 60 guests in Kamp Group National Hall last week.
Sibelius Finland Experience Private concert "Sibelius Goes West" had a   good response among 60 guests in Kämp Group National Hall in May.  Soon everyone can enjoy the daily sho…


Sibelius Finland Experience

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