— May 3, 2016

Violinist Natalia Vaskinova

She studies at Sibelius Academy under the direction of Jaakko Ilves, who is one of Jean Sibelius’s heir / Hän viimeistelee…

— April 28, 2016

Pianist Henrik Nissinen

Henrik Nissinen starts his third season, Sibelius Finland Experience. Henrik Nissinen aloittaa kolmannen kautensa…

— April 27, 2016

Invitation for Veterans

We invite all the veterans for the premier of Sibelius Finland Experience concert. Kutsumme veteraanimiehiä ja -naisia Sibelius…

— April 26, 2016

National Veterans Day

In very few countries the national and political independence move forward the same way with the cultural and art evolution.…

— April 21, 2016

Helsinki Card

Discover and experience the City of Helsinki by using one card only! Where to pick up the Helsinki Card? Helsingin koko…

— April 20, 2016


The Establishing of our partner Ticketmaster (previously Ticket Service) has an untouchable connection with the history of…

— March 20, 2016

Equal night Celebrations!

On the spring equinox, the Earth hits the turning point in its orbit where neither the North or the South poles are tilted…

— January 15, 2016

Walt Disney & Jean Sibelius

A very interesting story of Walt Disney & Jean Sibelius and the Swan of Tuonela

— January 6, 2016

Sibelius, Shakespeare, Loppiainen and the 12th Night

Twelfth Night is a festival, in some branches of Christianity marking the coming of the Epiphany. Sibelius composed "Kom nu…

— December 31, 2015

Why Sibelius visited the National Hall often?

Jean Sibelius visited our hall often. He had his reasons....

— December 31, 2015

Sibelius New Year, Kämp and Senate Square

Sibelius' New Year in 1925 was different than ours. However you ca still do things in his footsteps. / Sibeliuksen uusivuosi…

— December 28, 2015

Helsingin soiva tunnus on Finlandia

Monilla kaupungeilla ja mailla on niille ominainen sävel. Helsingillä Suomen pääkaupunkina Finlandia. Mitä on muilla?

— December 28, 2015

Helsinki New Year = Finlandia

European cities have own brand melodies. Helsinki has Finlandia. Others have?

— December 26, 2015

On Boxing Day Sibelius Wrote

On Boxing Day Sibelius got deep minded. / Tapaninpäivänä Sibelius oli mietteliäällä päällä.

— December 23, 2015

Last Minute Christmas Present for Classical Music Lover

Did you miss out on a present to your dear Classical Music, Patriot or History Lover? No worries we can help Instantly.




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